FREE 15 Minute Assessment!

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The free 15 minute assessment gives you a chance to have a check-up and a chat with one of our osteopaths for all those aches and pains that you just don’t know what to do with!

The session begins with a brief case history to discuss the issue and your medical background, all under strict confidence as always. You will then be assessed by your osteopath. Please note you may be asked to remove some clothing in order for a detailed assessment to be made. The assessment will include some active and passive mobility testing and may include some specialist examination.

Please note that no treatment will be given as part of this session.

The osteopath will then discuss their findings with you and whether treatment would be appropriate. If it is they will advise which treatment journey may be best. Please remember there is no obligation, and pursuing treatment is entirely your choice.

Should you wish to continue into treatment you can book your appointment then and there or give us a call when you have had some time to think about it. Any further sessions after your 15-minute assessment will be charged accordingly.

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