Ethos and Approach

Your good health and care is our goal and our prime concern.

We expect to provide the right treatment and advice to help you find and maintain fitness.

We are aiming to develop a whole clinic approach in order to help patients gain and retain good health and fitness – a place to come to for treatment, advice, support, maintenance, and care for the whole family.

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  • Marina Urquhart-Pullen
    Principal Osteopath
    Marina Urquhart-Pullen
    Principal Osteopath

    Marina graduated from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (London) in 1986. She has taken part in post graduate training to include cranial osteopathy and obstetric osteopathy. Her first practice in Brighton, gained her a good reputation for treating pregnant women. She also discovered a keen interest in treating sports injuries and began to use her observation of foot mechanics during running - and now welcomes the increasingly popular 'barefoot' running style which is now growing in popularity.

    A family move to East Grinstead in 1994 meant starting a new practice from the beginning again, as well as balancing the needs and demands of a young family and maintaining a lively osteopathic practice. This young family grew up quickly and took part in many of the local sports so that her skills in treating sports injuries were rekindled, but this time for a slightly smaller model, working with the team members of local clubs in particular.

    Marina likes to treat a full range of patients and of all ages, but still maintains her special interest in pregnancy.

    She works with all the varying styles of osteopathic treatment approaches, preferring to use the treatment most appropriate for the patient’s need at the time – this could mean taking a more ‘structural’ approach, or using a more soft-tissue based approach, or working more with the ‘cranial’ style techniques. She sees her role quite often as a ‘problem solving’ one, helping patients understand how a problem might have occurred and how it can be prevented from recurring.

    Marina is a mother of two, loves to dance, is learning to ski, and has been very actively involved in the professional association for osteopaths (British Osteopathic Association, now the Institute of Osteopathy) having just finished a 3 year term as it’s President.

    This work has involved her promoting osteopathy with politicians in both Houses; working alongside osteopaths from all over the Europe to develop a CEN Standard for Osteopathy; helping to create a rolling training programme for specialist osteopathic care in a spinal surgical unit at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham; and employing a new CEO for the organisation – to list just a very small amount of the demanding and wide range of work required in this role.

  • Rachael Pereira
    Associate Osteopath
    Rachael Pereira
    Associate Osteopath

    Rachael graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London. In 2008 she undertook a 2 year Masters degree in Paediatric Osteopathy through the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC)  in London, and continued to work at the OCC for a further 2 years to gain valuable paediatrics and obstetric experience.

    She enjoys working with people of all ages and uses many different treatment techniques according to the age and needs of her patients; this may include soft tissue massage, manipulation and articulation of joints, postural advice and postural correction or cranial osteopathy. Thoughtful osteopathic care, combined with good sound advice and education are the hallmarks of her approach.

    Paediatric osteopathy is a popular part of Rachael’s work and she regularly sees babies and children as part of a whole family approach.

    In her free time, Rachael is a keen dinghy sailor, runner and cyclist. She also regularly practices yoga and pilates, to bring physical and emotional balance to her work and physical life. She has first-hand experience of the physical and nutritional demands sport places on the body, and the frustration injuries can cause. She combines her clinical and sporting expertise to help her patients’ stay injury free and improve their performance.

  • Cordelia Ferguson
    Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher
    Cordelia Ferguson
    Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher

    Qualified as a nurse in 1994. Cordelia is an experienced Nurse Practitioner and manage patients with acute and chronic illnesses.  Her specialist expertise lies in cardiac and gastric conditions, especially IBS and constipation management.

    In 2002 she qualified as an Holistic Massage Therapist. Cordelia practises Yoga daily, and over the past 5 years realises that her life has been transformed physically and mentally. As a result she undertook Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga London.

    The aim of Three Counties Wellbeing is to help people achieve and maintain a sense of overall wellbeing. This is not only done through health promotion but also managing to live well with chronic conditions through a combination of diet and appropriate exercise together with opportunities to fully discuss your medical condition and the impact it has on your life.

    Cordelia enjoys outdoor activities, especially walking and cycling, but these activities are not accessible to all, and as part of the Wellbeing programme the aim is to find achievable activities that will benefit the body and the mind.

    Holistic massage has many physical and mental health benefits and is available as part of the Wellbeing programme or as a stand alone, as are one to one Yoga and meditation/mindfulness sessions.

    An Initial consultation will involve full history taking, medication discussion, goal setting and action plan.

    If you are interested but unsure if it is appropriate for you, then please book a 15 minute, no fee consultation.